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24 Form + Martial Applications Tai Chi Yang style

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By Francesco Aresu Kung-fu for Nature. Downloadable video: running Form 24 with its martial applications.
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Watch the presentation - A valuable video course of striking beauty

Course description

Video of 24 Form proposes technique by technique, both the execution of the individual positions and their martial applications with different executions. The skill of Master Aresu, high quality video footage and high definition of downloadable files (1920x1080) undoubtedly make this course one of the best support tools available in the world to learn and understand the Form 24 Tai Chi Yang style.

Advantages and benefits

The 24 Form is still the most performed and practiced in the world. It is beneficial to the respiratory system, nervous, joints, musculoskeletal and immune systems. These benefits have been scientifically proven by  many  Chinese universities and medical studies carried out in many other parts of the world. In this training video you will get also the values of traditional martial taji present in one of the most modern form, thanks to the diversification of the shots, you can learn at hone, training over time with constant study and accuracy.

Technical data

  • Duration video files: 20 minutes
  • Resolution video files: 1920x1080
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Size: 768 MB (split into several files to download)
  • Languages: English - Italian


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Table of Contents video

  • Video presentation course
  • Form 24 complete execution
  • Form 24 individual techniques
  • Form 24 martial applications

Francesco AresuGive the practitioner a purpose in the form of movements performed with a simultaneous view of the martial applications.


Francesco Aresu start practicing martial arts in 1992 with the Kung Fu and Tai Ji Quan led by Flavio Daniele following for about ten years, meanwhile deepened his studies in sports in relation to the different skills along with Carmelo Di Stefano teacher ISEF in Bologna. Studies which will form for several years students of the faculty. It is operating in several sectors in the sport and the show is in collaboration with the DAMS of Bologna as a stuntman in opera Turandot staged in Bologna and Macerata. Between ninety and ninety-eight wins several times the Italian title in the forms of Tai Ji Quan modern and traditional and is in 3rd place in the country's traditional fighting the Kung Fu, he graduated ISEF of Bologna.
went in California, where he studied with Master George Xu and met artist Wang Hao from which to study other times in Italy. After is championchips career finished he started to  teach Shaolin and Taiji from Bologna to Sardinia. he decided to go to China to deepen its path where he studied Baguazhang with Master Li Xin Tian student of Li Zi Ming, one of the greatest masters of the century. In 2001 he graduated in Sports Science with a thesis on Taiji. Meanwhile, studies repeatedly with Umberto Pelizzari the secrets of apnea and with Wen Zhong Hua (a leading expert in swimming and diving in all of China) the fin swimming.
Still studying the Taiji traditional Shizachuang from Hong But one of the most important masters of style chen in the world and returned to China several times in 2004 and is certified to teach Bagua in Italy. He moved to Sardinia with the Neidan (martial arts school internal International) headed by Flavio Daniele form for the 1st year coaches to the style Yang and Chen for the region Sardinia. In 2007 Fesik responsible in Sardinia for the Tai Ji Quan. In the last two years studying in Guilin with Master Bai Xian Qin experienced the 5th generation of Ba Gua and with Master Hong Yi Su Hei Fu Men, Kung Fu  the door of the black 2010 competes in the ranks of Chinese team to Guilin getting 2nd placing  with traditional weapons form of Kung Fu 8th Xiejie Festival. In 2012 and 2014, he returns to his old master Li Xin Tian Qi Gong deepening of ba gua zhang and the traditional sword of this style.He teaches Physical Education in Middle and High schools. He lives in Palau (Sardegna - Italy) with his wife and two kids.

"Ocean's sons"
Teacher: Francesco Aresu
Headquarters Association "son's of the ocean" loc. Oddastru Vintosu No. 0
07020 Palau (OT) - Italy
The courses are held at: Studio Operation psychomotor
Address: Via Piave 16 Palau (OT)
Phone: 3490716558 to 0789704242

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