How to train and improve your Tui Shou on your own

Live Facebook - The Seminar includes Practice, Questions and Answers and the Video Recording for 1 Year!
June 1st - 6th July 2020
The webinar will be conducted by Master Gianfranco Pace in collaboration with Master Giovambattista Scavo, member of the ITKA technical commission
International Taijiquan Kung Fu Association

Online seminar organized by Tai Chi

The teacher Gianfranco Pace has developed a series of exercises over the past years that allows you to improve Tui Shou whilst working alone. And is offering an online seminar that will give people practicing Tai Chi considerable advantages.

Elastic Ball - Tai Chi


  • Teaching occurs live via Facebook Live, allowing interaction with the master
  • Possibility to ask questions and receive answers. This is an advantage of live classes compared to purchasing video course or making a subscription to streaming Tai Chi.
  • How many times has it happened that after a seminar it was difficult to remember all the exercises? In the case of the online seminar held by M ° Pace you will have the video recording available for 1 YEAR. This includes all of the hours of class and the hours dedicated to answering the student's questions. Those who know M ° Pace know that he doesn't just answer with a yes or no, but always shows practical examples making the explanations very clear.
  • The online seminar is for everyone, beginners and experts as there will be no risk of injury from the lethal blows of your 'imaginary' partner.
  • A Certificate of Participation will be issued by the prestigious school founded by M ° Pace: ITKA (International Taijiquan Kung Fu Association).

How to train realistically with an imaginary opponent Tui Shou

The Eight Forces and the 5 Directions of Taijiquan

Blocking, withdrawing by turning, pressing, pushing, dividing, tearing down, hitting with the elbow, hitting with the shoulder, are the eight techniques that will be explained and studied in detail, individually and through a sequence of eight movements that will include the 5 directions (center, left, right, back and forth).

First part of the seminar
Understanding of the 8 forces and how to use the body in their applications. Coded sequence.

Second part of the seminar
Study of the 8 forces through work designed by Maestro Gianfranco Pace in 2004. These exercises involve the use of an Elastic Ball, which allows the simulation of training with a partner, a partner who perfectly responds to the forces that are applied.

The work with the Elastic Ball is divided into two parts:

  • application of the eight forces
    free (instinctive movements). In this phase both the eight forces and attacks are applied.


The elastic ball is a tool, available online, through which it is possible to apply the Tai Chi student’s own forces and techniques. Its elasticity allows you to practice, understand, study and refine the techniques of Tui Shou (coded combat), and naturally introduces you to San Shou (free combat).
You will find an elastic ball by pressing on the following link, however any similar elastic ball is also fine.
For people under 1 meter and 65 cm in height: elastic ball with 55 cm of diameter. For anyone taller: 65 cm in diameter.



The online seminar consists of 9 hours and 30 minutes, where participants will gradually move towards a clear understanding of the proposed technical program. This includes the possibility to ask any questions to deepen the understanding of any topic.

JUNE 2020
Monday, June 1st (solo work - first part) from 18.30 to 20.00 - Master Pace
Monday, June 8th (solo work - second part) from 18.30 to 20.00 Master Scavo
Monday, June 15th (working with the elastic ball - third part) from 18.30 to 20.00, the possibility for questions and answers will follow - Master Pace
Monday, June 22nd (fourth part) from 18.30 to 20.00 - Master Scavo
Monday, June 29th (fifth part) from 18.30 to 20.00 - Master Scavo

Monday, July 6th (working with the elastic ball - sixth part) from 18.30 to 20.30rom 18.30 to 20.00, the possibility for questions and answers will follow - Master Pace.


To participate in the seminar and the question and answer sessions, with access to the video recording for a year, will cost

155.00 Euros


Information and Reservations

Master Gianfranco Pace

Gianfranco Pace

Master Gianfranco Pace began his Chen style practice a little older than a teenager, under the guidance of M ° Shi Ronghua. From that moment, his research was continuous and consisted of meetings with the best living masters of Chen style Taiji Quan in Europe and China. He stayed in Chengdu for over a month, where he studied Sun Lutang's internal Kung Fu privately with Master Gou Hong Hai. Back in Italy, he invited Maestro Gou to visit in order to complete the technical programs started in China. At the same time he continued to carry out his research on Chen style. Thanks to M ° Chen Xiaowang (19th generation of the Chen family), he had the opportunity to study and live in the Chen village (Chenjiagou, China) in the home of Master Chen Xiaoxin (brother of M ° Chen Xiaowang).

Since 2001 Maestro Pace has been invited to various schools abroad (including the United States, the Dominican Republic, and in various European cities) to spread his understanding of the art. These schools include those that practice Chen style Taijiquan as well as schools which practice other styles and other martial arts. On a national level, M ° Pace collaborated with FIWuK (Italian Wushu Kung Fu Federation) for which he drafted the rules for Tui Shou competitions in 1999.

Since December 2002 he has collaborated with FIWS (Italian Wushu Sanda Federation) as head of internal styles.

In 2009 the ITKA (International Taiji Quan Kung Fu Association) association was born,and Maestro Pace is Technical Director. Over the years the International Taiji Quan Kungfu Association has grown: there are about 40 schools studying its technical programs, throughout Italy and abroad. Today ITKA is recognized as an association of serious Taijiquan scholars and researchers, which deals with all aspects of the art: martial, energetic / health and philosophical. In addition to the constant growth, other elements that distinguish the Master and consequently the school, are that everything is based on principles. Importantly, all the principles and theories are demonstrated in practice,

ITKA - International Taiji Quan Kung Fu Association
Headquarters: Via Delle Magnolie 37, 95030 - Massannunziata, Mascalucia, Catania
Telephone: (+39) 095-7274726




Thank you teacher!! A very useful lesson, it freed me of many doubts
R. V.

Hi Maestro! Thanks for the opportunity!
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Thanks for the work you are doing!
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It's fantastic, it seems to me a dream to be able to teach lessons like this, thanks!
A. M.

It is truly a gift, I am grateful to you
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Thank you Maestro and best regards from Germany. For me it is an excellent opportunity to be able to practice even at a distance and at an hour that is comfortable for me
M. N.

Great. The perception with this new visualization changes everything radically, at least that was my feeling. Before I felt like a stiff trunk that tried to float in the volume, now I felt internal volume that began to merge with the external one. And the rigidities have begun to disappear
S. G.

Really deep and particular explanations, above all they understand each other
F. M.

Very clear, as always
A. M.

I found the visualization you made to get to the pole very effective .... reaching a greater Fang song relaxation, I often lose my posture for a lumbar lordosis problem, which creates tension everywhere! I found the visualization very useful of conjunction of the three arches and their volume and the conjunction exercise of the tan tien and Ming man. Thanks!!!
K. O.

A splendid lesson, I learned other details. Great master and great director ... a big thank you ...
F. M.

After this generous lesson of details and precious explanations, the sun inside us will be radiant and it will be a very good day. Thank you very much master!
A. M.

Thanks always all very clear!
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Thanks .. beautiful lesson
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Beautiful as always, very clear the contents!
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