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Five Animals Frolic Qi Gong

By Gianfranco Pace Downloadable video course. Lengh time 30 minutes. Video taken from different angles.
Five Animals Frolic Qi Gong
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Course presentation

Course description

The 5 Animals Frolic represents a traditional system of Qigong. Its origins go back to around the year 200 A.D. The movements require a quiet mind and a body able to alternate between tension and relaxation. The traditional system of the 5 Animal Qigong has endured several modifications over time, remaining even so amongst the most practiced set of energetic exercises in the West as well as in the East. The instructional video includes the explanation of the benefits and the characteristics that identify each animal. Every theory section is followed by the execution of the relative Qi Gong movements filmed with different angles.

Advantages and benefits

The exercises, awakening the innate animal instinct in each person, are useful to reactivate the energy in the internal organs and to balance the overall energetic movement.



This instructional video includes audio versions in English, Spanish and Italian. After you finish your purchase you will receive an email with all download links. In order to save time we suggest you to download only the files with the audio version of your interest.

Este vídeo didáctico incluye versiones de audio en castellano, inglés e italiano. Apenas efectuada tu compra recibirás un email con todos los enlaces para la descarga. Para ahorrar tiempo te sugerimos que descargues sólo los archivos relativos a la lengua que te interesa.

Questo video didattico include la versione in italiano, inglese e spagnolo. Dopo l'acquisto riceverai una mail con tutti i link per i download. Per risparmiare tempo ti suggeriamo di scaricare solo i file con la versione audio di tuo interesse.


Technical data

  • Duration video files: 30 minutes
  • Video resolution: 1920x1080
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Size: 2.57 GB (split into several files to download)


  • The Idea

  • Gianfranco Pace


Gianfranco Pace"The 5 Animals Frolic Qigong not only is an optimal work on energy, but it can also represent a valid sequence for all Taijiquan practitioners. Being strong, that is, expressing potential strength, being balanced or even better, managing imbalance, being cautious in life but also when taking a step, being sinuous, subtle when moving, as are the tiger, the crane, the monkey, the snake, are all elements deeply inherent in Taijiquan. So, during the execution of the form or other Taijiquan exercises in reality we are expressing the dragon´s movement. Taijiquan movement represents: the force and power of the tiger, the balance and elegance of the crane, the cautiousness and openness of the monkey, the snake´s presence and ability to take advantage of the opportunity, so we become dragons." Master Gianfranco Pace.

Gianfranco PaceMaster Gianfranco Pace begins practicing Chen style just after adolescence, under the guidance of master Shi Ronghua. From that moment on, he will research continuously, having encounters with the best living masters of Chen style Taijiquan (and not only) in Europe and China. He stays over a month in Chengdu, where he privately studies the internal Kung Fu of Sun Lutang with master Gou Hong Hai. Returning to Italy he invites master Gou for some time to complete the technical programs started in China. Simoultaneously, carries on reserching on Chen style, in fact, thanks to master Chen Xiaowang (19th generation of Chen family), he has the possibility of studying  and living in Chen village (Chenjiagou, China), at master Chen Xiaoxin´s house (Chen Xiaowang´s brother).

From 2001 master Pace is invited to several foreing schools (in the United States, Dominican Republic, and several european cities), both of Chen style Taijiquan and other martial arts styles to spread his own understanding of the art. Nationally, master Pace has cooperated with FIWuK (Wushu Kung Fu Italian Federation) for which in 1999 compiles the regulations of Tui Shou competitions.

From December 2002 and for several years he has collaborated with FIWS (Wushu Sanda Italian Federation) as supervisor of the internal styles.

In 2009 the association I.T.K.A (International Taiji Quan Kung Fu Association) was born, with master Pace as the Technical Director. Throughout the years, thanks to master´s qualities and study methods, the International Taiji Quan Kung Fu Association has become an important reality: there are around 40 schools studying the technical programs all over Italy and abroad. Today I.T.K.A. is acknowledged as an association of seriuos researchers and students of Taijiquan, taking care of every aspect of the art: martial, energetic/salutary and philosophical. Beyond the constant growth there are other elements that identify master Pace and his repercussion in the school, first amongst them concreteness. The explanations, with all the theory at the base, are always demonstrated practically, and is this what is considered by many “master Pace´s strength”.

I.T.K.A. - International Taiji Quan Kung Fu Association


What includes the purchase of this multimedia course?

After the purchase you will receive an email with the link to download the video course´s file. You can donwload it right away!

The course includes videos you can access anywhere, anytime, even off-line (no internet connection) using any device (pc, tablet, smartphone).




Frequently Asked Questions
Will I receive at home a book or DVD? +

The course is fully digital and immediately after purchase you will receive via email the links to download files that can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones. You'll have at your disposal the course immediately without waiting for any delivery!

I was just looking for information, why buy a course? +

All of us have spent many hours searching for information on a theme throughout the internet, ending up with pages written by anonymous people or watching videos that do not tell us what we want to know.

If you are looking for information here are some benefits that you will find in this course.

  • Professional information
    Here you can find professional information, in a course created by a teacher with experience in his discipline.

  • All information immediately available
    By purchasing the digital course you can download and see immediately all the teaching aids.

  • Where and when you want
    A course at the right time for you! You can immediately download the course packed with information and consult it forever at any moment, whenever and wherever you want.
Is it possible to learn using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone? +

To answer this question with certainty we did a test. A group of people, without any prior knowledge of Tai Chi, had been commissioned to study the 13 Form (a sequence of Tai Chi consists of 13 positions) using only the video.

All people completed the task successfully. In the group there were those who had no sporting experience, those who had and those who already practiced another martial art. There were no substantial differences.

Some people who have bought our digital courses have sent us some videos in which they practice Tai Chi. Generally the level of movement is quite similar to that of students who practice the first year in the gym with a master.

If you have the chance, we advise you to follow, in conjunction with this digital course, a course in the gym with a good teacher.


Is it better to study in the gym or using a digital course? +

No doubt, it is better to practice in the gym with a master of considerable experience rather than practicing using a digital course, but...

  • sometimes people do not have enough time to go to the gym
  • sometimes people do not find the desired course in their city
  • sometimes people want to save money

A digital course is already available online, inexpensive and accessible where and when you want.


"What is intangible arrives where the matter can not" - Lao Tzu


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