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Download now Tai Chi Course - 13 Form Full version 14 videos taken from 4 different angles + Manual 40-page in English.

Francesco CurciBorn in Milan (Italy) in 1961 Francesco Curci began his psychophysical route at 16 years of age with the practice of zen meditation in addition to the martial arts and a wide variety of holistic experiences.

He graduated in 2001 as a traditional Tai Chi and Yi Quan instructor at the A.S.K.T. (Association for the study of Traditional Kung-Fu) under the guidance of Master Yang Lin Sheng and Master Liu Chun Yan, a student of Master Yang Zhen Duo, son of Yang Cheng Fu, the founder of Yang style, the style of Tai Chi most practised across the planet.

Master Curci founded in 2003 the school "Energia e Forma" integrating the teaching of classical Tai Chi with an innovative teaching method, working with a team of psychologists, that enhances the practice of Tai Chi proposing it as a mental and physical journey of personal growth. Listening, managing emotions and transformation are the three main stages of a journey that aims, through Tai Chi, to improve the quality of everyday life in every area of our lives.

In 2004 Francesco Curci won a gold medal in a Tai Chi Wu Shu tournament - Hang Zhou (Shanghai) China.

Wrote and published in Italian the book "Benessere Quotidiano - Manuale interattivo di Tai Chi" (Daily Well-being - Interactive manual of Tai Chi).

Main experiences of teaching

  • Annual courses (Milano - Italy)
  • Training for those wishing to become a qualified teacher of Tai Chi (diploma)
  • Downloadable online courses
  • Internship organization of Tai Chi and interdisciplinary training (with the participation of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc.)
  • Tai Chi courses in water
  • Wellness holidays of Tai Chi and Yi Quan organised in eco-structures
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan for sport (sports coaching)
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan for companies, team building, training and meetings.


If you'd like to contact the teacher for any request, below you will find all of his references.

Website: www.energiaeforma.it
Email: info@energiaeforma.it
Facebook - Energia e Forma: www.facebook.com/energiaeforma
Facebook - Francesco Curci: www.facebook.com/id.Francesco.Curci

From the moment you purchase a multimedia course of Tai Chi created by Francesco Curci, you have at your disposal a direct line with the teacher. You can ask any questions you may have.



Send your videos to the master!
If you have a chance to have yourself filmed while you are practicing Tai Chi, you can send the file to the master and will receive his personal opinion about your practice.

Support is not provided for free courses. When you contact the teacher always remember to refer to the course you have purchased.