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How to easily learn any Tai Chi form by heart

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65 min. downloadable video lessons. Confidence, satisfacton, relaxation and benefits. Language: English. By Francesco Curci gold medal winner in China (2004) at the international “forms tournament”. The teacher illustrates the mnemonic techniques to use, enabling one to practice Tai Chi in a harmonious and confident way. Practical examples and the self-check method make up this video course, which is unique in helping everybody to remember the Tai Chi postures. If at home or in the Tai Chi School you have had difficulty in remembering the forms, this is the ideal course for you. As you know very well, where there is tension, there is not a feeling of wellness. Render your Tai Chi full of beautiful and healthy sensations.
Unlike the Tai Ji Quan dvd versions, you can download this tutorial immediately!

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It has happened to many of us to subscribe to a tai-chi course full of hope and expectancies, only to discover that those movements which looked easy to learn by heart. In fact the sequences are difficult to remember. Worse still, was to see someone learning fast, while we were having difficulty in every session, to remember the postures previously studied. Not to mention the new postures in each lesson which were relentlessly being added to the long list of the sequence.

“How come?” We asked ourselves. "I subscribed to this course to feel better, to relax, to improve my inner feelings... but instead i am already in difficulty during the first few lessons. It appears to me that I am not learning anything and every time that my instructor proposes something new to the students, I feel stressed. Yet, it is said that Tai Chi relaxes you. How can I possibly relax if everytime I try to remember the beginning (that's the beginning of the sequence!), I can't even get started?" Hereafter different impressions come to mind “I am not suitable for this discipline”, “I am hopeless”, I came to the Tai Chi School to improve my self-confidence and I come out feeling worse because my sensation is that of not being able to do anything and furthermore I am spending money!!”.

It will certainly have happened even to the most highly qualified Tai Chi instructors to think “I don't have many students and I have lost students because they felt inadeuqate and unable to learn the forms by heart. I, as an instructor, have trained and practiced Tai Chi for many hours with relative ease but not all my students practice Tai Chi every day. In fact many of them only train in the Tai Chi School and I realise that if I were not here they would not even be able to carry out 5 consecutive postures. I don't want to create dependency towards me amongst my students, instead I want to make them feel independant in order for them to practice this beautiful art whenever they want, whenever they feel the need and wherever they are".

Questions to which often even the best instructors have difficulty in answering because unfortunately it's not just a matter of being able to practice exceptionally well, it's also a question of transmitting one's abilities particularly to those who may have some coordination or mnemonic difficulties. This is therefore the goal of this guide, to give students and instructors the necessary tools to make the learning process of the Tai Chi forms easier. In this way we can create a likeable pleasant relaxed atmosphere in the Tai Chi School making the learning more favourable thereby completing the object of each course: making it possible for every student to remember and practice any Tai Chi form autonomously.

A digital course which you can download immediately (this is already in itself a big advantage) that explains which methods to use in order to remember the Tai Chi forms in a more simple way. A valid guide suitable for any school or style, full of suggestions and practical examples for the students and indicators or ideas for the instructors.

In effect by following this video tutorial you will learn:

  • tested methods which help the learning of the Tai Chi forms by heart;
  • you will be able to practice without living moments of difficulty in your Tai Chi School
  • Firstly you will dedicate yourself to working on your inner feelings which is what generates great results in terms of psychophysical wellness;
  • you will also be able to practice Tai Chi autonomously at home, in your lunch break, during the holidays... without risking to have to stop at the peak moment, because you can't remember how to carry out your form;
  • if your are an instructor you can get ideas and hints from many suggestions referred to in this guide which will noticeably improve your didactic programme.

Ideal video tutorials for you that...

  • You will take up Tai Chi, you have decided to subscribe to a course and you want to avoid having learning difficulties;
  • You enjoy Tai Chi but in relation to learning by heart and coordination you have difficutly in remembering the forms;
  • You did Tai Chi and you gave up the course due to having difficulties when carrying out the forms (with this course you can easily start up again)

Also aimed at the instructors who:

  • desire to enrich their didactic skills thereby assisting their students in the learning process;
  • wish to train new instructors, teaching them how to best satisfactorily transmit their knowledge to future students;
  • The objective of the course. To learn easy mnemonic techniques in order to successfully remember all the Tai Chi forms and postures. A serene method in the learning of any Tai Chi style in any school without having constant and further problems remembering the sequences of the various forms.
  • You can download the file immediately. As soon as you complete the purchase you will receive, via e-mail, a link of the video tutorial which you can download immediately and consult wherever you are for as long as you want.
    You can refer back to the course using your computer, tablet or smartphone when and where you want without having to have an internet connection!!

The video tutorial also includes a user friendly “self check” learning method for each posture, while you are practicing on yor own.
Naturally to learn the forms by heart it's not sufficient just to watch the video, you have to apply the suggestions given in the video tutorial.

What does buying a video tutorial consist in?

As soon as you have made the purchase you will recieve an email (with one or more links) with which you can download the files which contain this product. Essentially you can download them immediately.

The course consists of a series of files which you can consult where and when you want even if you're offline (not connected to internet) using any device or software on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.

The purchase is related to files which you can download immediately so it doesn't involve the sending of a dvd which in any case you would not be able to refer to on your tablet or smartphone.

No sooner have you bought this course you can download the product without having to wait for shipments and therefore with no further courier expenses.

You do not have to pay any monthly subscription fee!

With this single purchase you will be able to consult the video you have downloaded, without having to use “streaming” or any other complicated procedure in order to consult what you have bought.

As they say: with just 1 click and it's all there ready for you at your complete disposal!


  • Duration: 65 minutes
  • Video file resolution: 11 files at 1920x1080
  • Dimensione file: 1,91 GB (divided into various files to be downloaded)

CurciBorn in Milan (Italy) in 1961 Francesco Curci began his psychophysical route at 16 years of age with the practice of zen meditation in addition to the martial arts and a wide variety of holistic experiences.

He graduated in 2001 as a traditional Tai Chi and Yi Quan instructor at the A.S.K.T. (Association for the study of Traditional Kung-Fu) under the guidance of Master Yang Lin Sheng and Master Liu Chun Yan, a student of Master Yang Zhen Duo, son of Yang Cheng Fu, the founder of Yang style, the style of Tai Chi most practised across the planet.

Master Curci founded in 2003 the school "Energia e Forma" integrating the teaching of classical Tai Chi with an innovative teaching method, working with a team of psychologists, that enhances the practice of Tai Chi proposing it as a mental and physical journey of personal growth. Listening, managing emotions and transformation are the three main stages of a journey that aims, through Tai Chi, to improve the quality of everyday life in every area of our lives.

In 2004 Francesco Curci won a gold medal in a Tai Chi Wu Shu tournament - Hang Zhou (Shanghai) China.

Wrote and published in Italian the book "Benessere Quotidiano - Manuale interattivo di Tai Chi" (Daily Well-being - Interactive manual of Tai Chi).

Main experiences of teaching

  • Annual courses (Milano - Italy)
  • Training for those wishing to become a qualified teacher of Tai Chi (diploma)
  • Downloadable online courses
  • Internship organization of Tai Chi and interdisciplinary training (with the participation of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc.)
  • Tai Chi courses in water
  • Wellness holidays of Tai Chi and Yi Quan organised in eco-structures
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan for sport (sports coaching)
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan for companies, team building, training and meetings.


If you'd like to contact the teacher for any request, below you will find all of his references.

Facebook - Energia e Forma:
Facebook - Francesco Curci:




A free sequence of 4 videos with audio/visual demostration and comments of a simple sequence of 6 basic Tai Chi Yang style postures.

The sequence was shot 4 times from different angles to simplify the understanding and vision of the details.

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