When we start this form we must flex our legs slightly, placing our weight on the right leg and moving the left leg; we then transfer our weight to the centre making sure that we keep our back straight. At this point we raise our arms and then we lower them again.

Yin and Yang balance is a dynamic state in constant change. It is important to pay attention, especially during the opening position and keep only for an instant 50% of the weight on both legs. In reality this is a temporary measure as if it was static it would create the classic problem of double weight. Eg. a condition of static which doesn't reflect the fluidity of life.

From a martial point of view the double weight makes it more difficult to move from one position to another. When we practise the opening position it is always better to feel an internal spiral movement, which moves, ever so slightly, the position in every instant.

Martial application
Knowing martial applications allows us to carry out the movements with awareness, increasing the health benefits and improving its correct formal execution.

In the case of the opening we can imagine that an opponent is attacking us trying to strangle us with his hands around our neck. Our arms rise (Yang) from the below (Yin) and deviate his strength towards the top, and then coming down they counterattack.


martial application 1

martial application 2

Philosophy and daily well-being
Preparation, the moment before the start of the movement can be compared to the moment preceding the creation of the Universe.
Yin and Yang, representing the two opposite extremes, combine themselves during the movement in different ways but always keeping a harmonious relationship between them. One justifies the other's existence.

Night and day, woman and man and so on take their form from their opposite existence with whom they combine to form a pair. Good and evil, acquire a totally different meaning through Taoism. The good man and the evil man cease to exist to leave space to the whole man with his range of shades of grey. Life seen through mental preconcepts is replaced by life perceived as it really is, a constantly changing picture.