Clouds Hands

The right hand hits and then goes up, so it carries out a high save, whilst the left hand hits low ideally towards the kidneys or ribs. The same movement can be done using the left hand to save and the right one to hit.

Arms, wrists and hands rotate in a spiral movement.

We carry out this position's techniques whilst we put our right leg next to the left one with a small step. It is very important to pay attention to our shoulders, which should be relaxed and lowered, and to our elbows which should be heavy.

Relax the neck and feel our head as if suspended on a thread. It is very important to keep neck and shoulders relaxed, without tension or muscle contraction. The head should be straight. Our body relaxes towards the ground whilst the head looks towards the sky in a complete relaxed manner without contractions.

Martial Application
In this position we imagine to save high with our hand which, moves in front of our face whilst the other one which moves low hits ideally the kidneys or ribs of our opponent.

martial application 1

martial application 2

martial application 3

martial application 4