Single Whip

We raise the left heel. There are different interpretations of this position: at the same time we can join our 5 fingers of the right hand or join firstly our thumb with our index finger and then the other fingers. Amongst the various martial interpretations on the right hand there is a hit on the chin. The left hand instead gets ready for a save in front of our face followed by a push. It is advisable to use the strength of your thoughts rather than the muscular one. Your weight moves on the leg in front, making sure that the knees don't go any further than the tip of your foot.

Our coccyx must be pushed forward and high together with our mind. We must push our coccyx forward as if we were sitting on a high stool to help the stretching of our back.

From a martial point of view, this helps a greater connection of our back muscles and therefore a bigger expression of strength.

Martial application
In the case of the whiplash, we imagine to save a hit coming from the right hand followed by our hit with the right hand to the chin of the opponent. Then we imagine to receive another attack from the left, save it and counter attack with a hit with the palm of our hand.

martial application 1

martial application 2