Fist under elbow

The right foot moves towards the left with half a step, we move the weight on the right leg. The left leg rises, rest the heel on the ground, lifting the tip of our foot. At the same time the right hand hits the ribcage with a fist, and the left one after a wide circular movement hits the face.

The fist in Tai Chi is particular, we must imagine to hold a small bird in our hand and we mustn't tighten our fist too much to prevent killing it but we must be careful that it doesn't fly away. This is the Taoist influence, a balanced approach between the strength that closes our hand and its opening towards the exterior.

Martial application
When we receive an attack to our face or neck we must hit the opponent on his hips. This often generates a lowering of his hands leaving his face unguarded and we can strike with our left hand.


martial application 1

martial application 2