White crane spreads its wings

We move a small step, without closing our feet together; our weight moves onto our back leg, the right one, keeping the tip of our left foot on the ground.

We lift the right arm and we get ready for a facial save. It is very important to pay attention to our intention and to our knowledge of martial arts. This is in order to avoid that our arms move with insufficient energy and thus generating low health benefits. Our chest moves, rotates slightly towards the right and our hands are in the Sky-Earth position (the palm of the right hand faces the sky and the palm of the left hand faces the ground.

We must relax our waist, hip joints and pelvis. It is very important to look at the position of our hips: especially as in this position it is easy to contract the muscles in our pelvic area and stiffen our hips making it difficult to maintain stability and a good grounding. If we relax our hips (keeping our head and neck straight), we can feel the weight move towards the ground giving us a greater stability.

From a martial point of view when we relax our hips and pelvis, apart from a better grounding we are also much more effective during attack techniques, from our hips and the centre of our body we spread our strength to the whole of our body, which is very useful for pushing in other martial techniques. The same technique can be used in our daily life for example when we need to move heavy objects.

Martial application
There are numerous martial applications for this position: we can imagine that the opponent is trying to hit our neck with a fist, in this case we move out of the trajectory and apply a lever towards the opponent's shoulder, we raise our right arm and move his fist with our left arm. Saves in front of our face have an evident defensive application even if they always involve a counterattack. In the final part there is another lever: when our hands are in the Sky-Earth position, the left hand controls the opponent's wrist whilst the right one rests on the elbow.

martial application 1

martial application 2