Strum the lute

We take a small step with our right leg and push our weight onto it. We lightly rest the left heel, paying attention not to lift the tip excessively to avoid tensions.

We raise and lower our arms and the right hand is placed inside the left elbow.

Let go and relax your shoulders; do the same with your elbows. The shoulders are soft to aid the use of our back and chest muscles, without overworking our trapeze and deltoids muscles, our elbows do the same as if they were resting on something. This way we avoid shoulder contractions and we remain soft as we tone and lengthen our muscles.

From a martial point of view, relaxing our shoulders gives us a greater awareness, which allows us to exploit our opponent's weak points.

Moreover as we relax our shoulders all our back muscles lengthen and connect allowing us to project greater strength.

This can be applied in our daily life when we have to carry out demanding physical tasks.

Martial application
This position offers a double martial application: the arms act as a lever, controlling the elbow with our left hand and the opponent's wrist with our right hand, whilst with the heel of our left foot we kick his foot or knee.


martial application 1