Grasp the bird's tail

We come out of the previous position and we take the sphere entering the so-called "small Tai Chi" position. This position is made out of four movements: save, pull, press and push.

Save: put your weight on the left leg, move forward with a small step, with the right leg and save: It is important that the left arm is at shoulder height, not higher to prevent contractions.

Pull: we imagine having to control an arm and pulling it, we use it as a lever moving our weight backwards as we turn our body.

Press: We place the palm of our left hand on the right wrist

Push: we go backwards to give strength then move forward making a circle with our arms to aid the push.

Every part of our body must be connected to the other parts. All our movements should begin from our centre, this ensure sthat our body moves as one. We must keep our head suspended from the sky, the lengthening of our arms and back and the heaviness of our body so that all our muscles are working together and toning up. In a martial application these measures ensure that we can exercise greater strength making the techniques much more effective.

Martial application
This position has four different applications all interlinked. If we imagine to save a blow to our chest with our left arm we rotate arms and hands to act as a lever towards the opponent's arm, making it move to his side. Next we can imagine that we want to press towards the opponent to push him away.

martial application 1

martial application 2

martial application 3

martial application 4