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If you wish access to some sections of the site website (the "Site") to request information or services or if you wish to enter into any purchase on the  under the "General Terms and Conditions of Sale" available on the Site, we kindly ask you to fill in the dedicated fields. The provision of the data in the form, as well as any additional personal data you will be required to provide for the payment and delivery of the goods, is essential to proceed with your request or with the order and the execution of the agreement; failure to provide them may result in the impossibility of the execution of the sale agreement, the provision of services or receiving answers to questions asked by form.

The data controller is Curci Francesco (The Site Owner), with registered office in Via Roma 24 - 22029, Uggiate Trevano (Co), Italy. Data is processed – mainly through electronic means – by Curci Francesco for the management of your purchase order (including administrative management of the contract, shipment of goods, management of payments, of claims and litigations, if any, and for fraud prevention), as well as in fulfilment of all statutory and regulatory obligations currently in force (e.g. invoicing, bookkeeping, public security regulations). Your data may also be processed for statistical surveys subject to their prior anonymization. Furthermore, and subject to your prior consent, your personal data may be used for sending you information, advertising and promotional materials, via post or via email, related to products, initiatives, events and topics covered on the Site.

We also ask you to express your consent to the insertion of the data collected in connection with your usage of online purchase service (the "Service") - e.g. identification data, address, type of goods you are interested in, e-mail address - into our customer database aimed at information and business activities. For the purposes mentioned above, and within the constraint of your consent when applicable, data may be processed by Curci Francesco personnel mainly in charge of the management of the Internet site, of accounting, of customer service, of marketing and by third party companies processing data on our behalf (e.g. maintenance of computer services, freight forwarders and carriers, legal consultants, companies producing and/or managing Curci Francesco promotional campaigns, etc.) and they may also be disclosed to the authorities entitled to legitimately receive them.

Curci Francesco may also disclose your data to companies belonging to the Curci Francesco group for the management of the shipments of goods connected with the Service. You may at any moment exercise your rights pursuant to applicable Italian laws on personal data protection (art.7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196 of 06/30/2003 including the right to obtain confirmation about the existence of your personal data at Curci Francesco, and to know their source and to obtain their integration, updating, rectification, cancellation, anonymization, blocking for law infringement or to object to their processing on legitimate grounds), as well as obtain a list of data processors and of third parties to which the data is disclosed, contacting Curci Francesco writing to: Curci Francesco reserves the right to modify this information at any moment.

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I declare having read the information about privacy and I authorize my personal data processing: - for the purpose of sending information, advertising and promotional materials related to products, initiatives, events and topics covered on the Site. - also via e-mail - for their insertion into Curci Francesco's customer data base for profiling and preference analysis activities.



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