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13 Form Tai Chi Yang style

Product Description
By Francesco Curci Downloadable videos + pdf 40 pages. Ideal for those who want to start practicing Tai Chi or for those who already practice and want to know the meaning of martial forms of Tai Chi. Includes video taken from four different angles. Author: Francesco Curci.
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Description of the course and of the services included

  • Aim of the course. Provide innovative tools for learning the sequence of 13 positions named 13 Form of Tai Chi (video footage from 4 different angles). Dedicated to all those who don't have a course close to home. Ideal for those who want to learn Tai Chi economically and for those already practicing in the gym and want to deepen the original meaning of the gestures of every position, including martial aspects.
  • Download now! By purchasing this course you will be immediately provided via e-mail the link to download the course with no time limit, you will then see the lessons on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) anywhere you want and without having to be connected to the internet.
    Immediately after purchase you can consult the sequence 13 Form shooting from 4 different angles (front, left, right, back), so you have the opportunity to see every detail of each of the 13 positions without being limited by seeing it from one angle. Included in the downloaded files there is the pdf Manual of over 40 pages, including photos and texts of the course.
  • Teacher assistance. You can ask for any clarification and assistance from the teacher. Downloaded files always remain usable without time limits.
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  • Teacher

  • Benefits

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  • Presentation of the course
  • Advantages and benefits of the course
  • The teacher
  • Teacher assistance
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan
  • Warnings, legal notes and copyright

13 Form

  • Postures Tai Chi 13 Form - Full version
  • Posture 01 - Beginning
  • Posture 02 - Clouds Hands
  • Posture 03 - Single Whip
  • Posture 04 - Fist under elbow
  • Posture 05 - White crane spreads its wings
  • Posture 06 - Brush knee and push
  • Posture 07 - Strum the lute
  • Posture 08 - High pat on horse
  • Posture 09 - Turn body and chop with fist
  • Posture 10 - Step forward, parry block and punch
  • Posture 11 - Grasp the bird's tail
  • Posture 12 - Cross hands
  • Posture 13 - Closing


  • The path of improvement

Video footage from 4 different angles
This innovative course, with video footage from four different angles, was designed to give everyone the opportunity to learn autonomously the 13 Form of Tai Chi Chuan (Yang style). On the web you will find all kind of movies, but how can you learn positions when you don't manage to see their details from every angle? So here's the idea! Take four different shots that give us the chance to view them from every angle (front, left, right, back) in order to properly complete the sequence of the form of the 13 positions.

Movements, principles and martial applications
In addition, the course describes in detail, with texts and pictures, every single position, presenting the technical aspects of the movement, the classical principles of Tai Chi (to keep in mind during practice) and the explanation of the origin of each martial position.

The opinion of the master
This course facilitates learning of the 13 Form, a sequence of pleasing positions that include all the classic elements of Tai Chi. The characteristic of the course is to offer a view from many angles of all positions, for each movement there are, in addition to video, even the description of the classical Tai Chi principles and pictures illustrating the original martial significance. There are many ways to learn, many ways to get into deep well-being that this ancient discipline can donate. Let's begin this path walking happily together. Francesco Curci


Francesco CurciBorn in Milan (Italy) in 1961 Francesco Curci began his psychophysical route at 16 years of age with the practice of zen meditation in addition to the martial arts and a wide variety of holistic experiences.

He graduated in 2001 as a traditional Tai Chi and Yi Quan instructor at the A.S.K.T. (Association for the study of Traditional Kung-Fu) under the guidance of Master Yang Lin Sheng and Master Liu Chun Yan, a student of Master Yang Zhen Duo, son of Yang Cheng Fu, the founder of Yang style, the style of Tai Chi most practised across the planet.

Master Curci founded in 2003 the school "Energia e Forma" integrating the teaching of classical Tai Chi with an innovative teaching method, working with a team of psychologists, that enhances the practice of Tai Chi proposing it as a mental and physical journey of personal growth. Listening, managing emotions and transformation are the three main stages of a journey that aims, through Tai Chi, to improve the quality of everyday life in every area of our lives.

In 2004 Francesco Curci won a gold medal in a Tai Chi Wu Shu tournament - Hang Zhou (Shanghai) China.

Wrote and published in Italian the book "Benessere Quotidiano - Manuale interattivo di Tai Chi" (Daily Well-being - Interactive manual of Tai Chi).

Main experiences of teaching

  • Annual courses (Milano - Italy)
  • Training for those wishing to become a qualified teacher of Tai Chi (diploma)
  • Downloadable online courses
  • Internship organization of Tai Chi and interdisciplinary training (with the participation of doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, etc.)
  • Tai Chi courses in water
  • Wellness holidays of Tai Chi and Yi Quan organised in eco-structures
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan for sport (sports coaching)
  • Tai Chi and Yi Quan for companies, team building, training and meetings.


If you'd like to contact the teacher for any request, below you will find all of his references.

Facebook - Energia e Forma:
Facebook - Francesco Curci:


For you, who want to satisfy your curiosity
You've heard of Tai Chi, you've never practiced, but the topic intrigues you. This multimedia course will provide a comprehensive overview of this ancient discipline, also including all the traditional aspects.

For you, who want to know whether Tai Chi can benefit your inner and physical health
Inner and physical tone, inner and physical posture, physical exercises matching meditations, breathing and stress management, personal growth paths support (psychotherapy, etc.) and Tai Chi. Martial arts and philosophy ...
Multimedia courses dealing with all these issues, divided into specific courses, in each of these parts are theoretical and practical insights.

For you, who have just started practicing Tai Chi in the gym and want to know more
Those who are already practising Tai Chi with a good teacher, but you would like to explore some specific aspects of this ancient art. In the virtual gym you immediately have the opportunity to study the topics you're most passionate about, deepening the aspects that you have already been experimenting.

For you, who want to know the martial aspects of Tai Chi
Some students who practice the "Tai Chi for Health", over time they wonder about the original meaning of gestures, having understood that the greater the awareness of the movement, the greater the benefits that can be drawn from it. The multimedia courses also deal with martial topics and help you to understand how to practice the positions with greater ease and clarity, thereby increasing the level of benefits and satisfaction from your practice.

For you, who want to delve into philosophical aspects of Tai Chi
In the gym you carry a very comprehensive program, individual exercises and in pairs, but no matter how good your teacher is, you have the feeling that during the lesson there is not enough time to explore the philosophical aspects of this ancient art. Multimedia courses explain how Taoism and Zen have inspired and pervaded every position and every martial application of Tai Chi.

For you, who already teach martial arts or combat sports
If you are already a black belt or a teacher of martial arts or combat sports, it will be very easy to learn the basics of Tai Chi. Posture, grounding, balance, tone, breathing, determination already are your traveling companions and will help you to learn faster this internal style of kung fu. The result will be greater harmony and effectiveness even in disciplines that you have done for a long time.

For you, who already enjoy dance, theater, physiotherapy or other bodily disciplines
If you're an actor, a dancer, a mimic, a massage therapist, a physical therapist or even a body psychotherapist (Gestalt etc.) or you have been doing professional sport for a long time, you'll see how it will be useful and enjoyable to learn Tai Chi! Your professional experience will help certainly at all stages of learning and certainly Tai Chi will integrate beautifully into your training, increasing the degree of awareness and effectiveness.

For those, who practise Tai Chi as a way of life
What inspired this kind of courses is the desire to provide useful tools to promote the knowledge of ourselves and the exploitation of our resources in order to enjoy our daily lives. Listening, managing emotions and transformation are the three fundamental stages of a process that aims to improve the quality of everyday life in every area of our existence.

What is included in the purchase of this multimedia course of Tai Chi?


Everything included in the course is shown in detail in the "Table of Contents" tab on this page.
Here you will find the salient elements.

  • 14 videos of 13 Form filmed from different angles to facilitate learning
    It is one of the main strengths of this course. See the video with shots taken from different angles facilitates the learning of every detail of 13 Form (13 positions) of Tai Chi.
    Immediately after purchase, you can download 14 videos of Tai Chi 13 Form (left, right, front, back).

  • A 40-page manual that explains, position by position, movements, classical principles of Tai Chi and martial applications, which are essential to an understanding of the significance of the movement.

  • Resolution: 1920x1080 - File size: 1 GB